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Foot Fetish mistress barcelona , fetichismo pies barcelona

"I never get tired of having my feet worshiped by a good born foot fetishist"
Foot fetish Barcelona, Fetichismo pies Barcelona

.. My sensuality, my velvety skin, and my black and penetrating eyes, my slender body and my seductive dominant nature, will make you feel weaker than ever, you will crawl at my feet: where you should and have to be! where you belong!

...As dominant by nature, I do what I like, what I love: I play and live bdsm in its greatest splendor. Of course with your agreed limits and using common sense. But I recognize that, letting it flow and getting carried away, by the occasion and the situation of the game, is the moment where I am truly me.

... Nothing gives me greater pleasure than having a submissive kneeling before me, begging to worship me; worship my long and perfect legs, worship my beautiful feet...

... Fetishist for high heels, stiletto heels, sandals where my delicate, soft and sensual feet are shown. I delight in a sea of ​​sensations, and I only reach ecstasy with a good foot fetishist. Obedient, who pampers them and adores them with great devotion, an innate devotion.

...I know how to punish and dominate my submissives with my splendid, refined and sexy feet; size 41. Very high heels, dirty shoes to lick. I never get tired of my feet being worshiped! You can smell, caress, kiss, lick and suck, whether they are naked or dressed in silk stockings or nylon stockings.

...Foot worship can include trampling, bullbasting, teasing and denial...  Penetration in your mouth and choking, choking... Also feeding you through them. As long as you lick my feet perfectly and they are totally clean!


...Full exploration of your foot fetish fantasy is welcome, whether it be pure worship of my feet or submission to me while under them.

My feet

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