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Latex Fetish mistress barcelona, mistresses barcelona

"The latex intensifies the touch. I feel how my flesh heats up and sticks to my body like an exotic wrapper"
Mistress in barcelona

Putting on latex is the closest you can get to putting on a second skin. It's so tight you have to apply lube to put it on. It is like the meat itself. It cools and heats with the body. He clings in an extremely intimate way, the feeling is like being hugged. It is a comforting caress like a rest cure. In short... it makes you feel good.

It can also be physically restrictive, which makes some people feel better about games, often because they are also drawn to bondage.

The constriction of latex not only increases physical sensitivity, but apparently also makes your body ultra-sensitive to temperature. So as things start to heat up, so do you.

For many, latex makes naked clothes feel like a second skin, which is exciting. Others enjoy the rigidity of latex and practice a form of bondage, domination and submission through the use of latex clothing and devices while enjoying feeling confined and bound in latex. Some also find the scent of latex to be an erotic arousal.

Latex clothing is a great way to feel empowered or submissive, depending on your situation.


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